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More than mere facility management


It is values such as thriftiness, transparency and personal commitment that make the facility management services of Stiller & Hohla so unique.

At Stiller & Hohla, saving costs for our customers always has top priority. This is why we subject all items to regular cost control – because several small savings can add up to a significant amount, which can reduce the overall operating costs.

We have a separate account for each object and each reserve, and we have negotiated above-average conditions with several banks. The annual statement is also clearly arranged with individually listed expenses, which are then summarized in expenditure categories - this allows a clear and simple control of the combined expenses.

Personal Commitment:
Our members of staff complete all responsibilities rapidly, unimpeachable and with lots of pleasure in their work. After scheduling an appointment, we are very happy to personally attend to your requests.

Our facility management service comprises the following operations:

  • Representation of the client (property owner) in all necessary administrative affairs.
  • Regular inspection and constant surveying of the property and buildings.
  • Arrangement of necessary troubleshooting, maintenance and repair work.
  • Billing of operating costs, arrears collection and dunning, as well as issuing of annual statement concerning operating costs.
  • Calculation, index adjustment, billing and collection of the rent payments.
  • Arrangement of lawsuit for outstanding leasing payments.
  • Drafting of a maintenance outlook and an annual maintenance budget.
  • Reporting and representation of the client towards public authorities.
  • Processing of insurance losses.
  • Management of caretaker and staff affairs, such as payroll accounting, supervision etc.
  • Determination of the condition of the object (category, extent of required renovation).
  • Recommendations concerning alternative leasing or utilisation (revenue optimisation).
  • Demonstration of possibilities to increase revenue. 
  • Transfer of asset property to new users.

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