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Professional brokerage guarantee

The sale of real estate requires a well-conceived planning and effective processing of your assignment. Thus, the Stiller & Hohla added value guarantee creates the ideal foundation for an efficient and reliable sales management.


It is supported by three pillars:

1) The Stiller & Hohla added value analysis:



Point in time

Assessment of value

Depending on the type of real estate, Stiller & Hohla selects the appropriate method, i.e.:

Comparison value method

  • Property value method
  • Gross rental method


Prior to assignment

Market analysis

The real estate market changes quickly. With the aid of top quality analysis instruments, Stiller & Hohla ensures that your real estate always attains the best possible price.

Prior to assignment

Individual sales concept

Each real estate object is unique! This is why Stiller & Hohla treats each object individually, in accordance with location, size, age, type of use or condition, and develops the appropriate sales concept.

Within a week after assignment

2) The Stiller & Hohla added value strategy:



Point in Time

Optimum marketing mix

Stiller & Hohla ensures a wiede-scale announcement of your real estate through:

  • Internet
  • Advertisements
  • Exposé
  • Salesfolder

Within a week after assignment

Utilisation of the Stiller & Hohla customer base

The extensive Stiller & Hohla pool of interested parties is available to you free of charge:

  • 12,000 freehold apartments of the facility management
  • 6,000 listed prospective buyers

Within a week after assignment

Networking with our sales partners of the Immobilienring

Stiller & Hohla is a member of the Salzburger Immobilenring, thus, we are networking together wit 18 other reliable real estate offices. Therefore, your object is presented to the widest ranged broker network in Salzburg.

Within a week after assignment

Comprehensive counselling in all issues

Place your trust in the company of the Stiller & Hohla team of experts in all issues concerning:

  • Object planning
  • Object evaluation
  • Tenancy law
  • Taxes
  • Financing


3) The Stiller & Hohla added value brokerage::



Point in time

Processing of interested party inquireis

As a trustee, Stiller & Hohla is able to competently answer any inquiry made by purchasing parties.


Coordination of viewing schedules

Stiller & Hohla processes viewing schedules independently: You neither need to invest your free time nor your working time.


Preparation of sales contracts

You can save costs with Stiller & Hohla: We collect the data for the preparation of the sales contract, thus, we alleviate the drafting of contract procedure for the notary or lawyer.

As soon as necessary

Organisation of transfer

Trust in Stiller & Hohla in all issues concerning:

  • Abidance to statutory provisions and laws
  • Land registration
  • Contract drafting
  • Contact with notary and lawyer

As soon as necessary

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