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Sunny four-room apartment

Object number: 513/00915
Location: Elsbethen
Living and usable space: 88 m²

Top floor apartment in Anif

Object number: 513/00944
Location: Anif
Living and usable space: 105 m²

Detached house at Königsseeache

Object number: 513/00897
Location: Rif/Hallein
Living and usable space: 126 m²

Three-room apartment in the heart of Salzburg

Object number: 513/00901
Location: Schallmoos
Living and usable space: 72 m²

The little paradies of Salzburger Land

Object number: 513/00691
Location: Eben/Pongau
Living and usable space: 340 m²

Modern studio in southern Salzburg

Object number: 513/00943
Location: Elsbethen
Living and usable space: 120 m²

Townhouse in a modern country style

Object number: 513/00989
Location: Salzburg/Sam
Living and usable space: 136 m²

Apartment on the southern outskirts

Object number: 513/00941
Location: Elsbethen/Glasenbach
Living and usable space: 92 m²

Lavish country house

Object number: 513/00878
Location: Gnigl
Living and usable space: 180 m²

Terraced house in Salzburg-Nonntal

Object number: 513/00930
Location: Nonntal
Living and usable space: 120 m²

Two-room apartment in Bergheim

Object number: 513/00922
Location: Bergheim
Living and usable space: 54 m²

Three-room apartment in Parsch

Object number: 513/00920
Location: Parsch
Living and usable space: 84 m²

Old Town jewel at the entrance to Getreidegasse

Location: Old Town
Living and usabel space: 70 m²

4-Star Hotel in the Old Town of Salzburg

Object number: 513/00245
Location: Old Town
Living and usable space: 720 m²

Country House Villa at the heart of Anif

Object number: 513/00839
Location: Anif
Living and usable space: 207 m²

Semidetached house in the south of Salzburg

Object number: 513/00836
Location: Grödig
Living and usable space: 130 m²

Historic Farmhouse in the Salzburg Lake District near Köstendorf

Object number: 513/00686
Location: Köstendorf
Living space: approx. 140 m²

Magnificently situated lakeside plot with bathing house by the Hallstatt Lake

Object number: 513/00724
Location: Obertraun
Plot area: approx. 6,976 m²

Representative office space Salzburg-Alpenstrasse

Object number: 513/00547
Location: Alpenstrasse
Usable space: approx. 980 m²

Old Town House - Herbert von Karajanplatz 1

Location: Altstadt - Old Town

Villa in top location of Anif near Salzburg

Object number: 513/00474
Location: Anif
Living and usable space: approx. 400 m²

Exclusive single family detached house on the grassland perimeter in Anif

Object number: 513/00812
Location: Anif
Living and usable space: approx. 180 m²

Single family detached house in Unterach am Attersee

Object number: 513/00626
Location: Unterach
Living and usable space: approx. 150 m²

Exclusive residence with panoramic view over the Wallersee lake

Object number: 513/00738
Location: Bayerham - Seekirchen am Wallersee
Living and usable space: approx. 250 m²
Year of construction: 1995

Single family villa - as good as new – south of Salzburg

Object number: 513/00619
Location: Puch near Salzburg
Living and usable space: approx. 280 m²

Holiday residence in a wonderful location in Lammertal Valley

Object number: 513/00758
Location: Municipal area of Annaberg
Living and usable space: approx. 250 m² + barn + outbuilding

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