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As a real estate trustee, it is a matter of course that we also see ourselves as a “brokerage platform” between sellers/lessors on the one side, and potential buyers/lessees on the other. According to experience, it usually takes an average of up to 12 months until the suitable object is found, because the appropriate real estate is rarely available at the beginning of the search.

Both offering parties and potentially interested parties profit equally from our professional brokerage service, because we at Stiller & Hohla

  • know the exact real estate desires requirements of our customers.
  • have a diverse range of real estate at our disposal – from bedsits to luxury villas.
  • have a well sorted file of potentially interested parties at our disposal, which we can provide to sellers/lessors. 
  • are always on the look-out for suitable objects for listed customers.

Thus, we have the ideal basis and provide the best possible preconditions with which to sell or lease your real estate.

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Einfamilienhaus Anif-Niederalm

Solides Ein- bis Zweifamilienhaus Anif, in ...

4,5-Zimmer-Wohnung am Ignaz-Rieder-Kai

4,5 Zi.-Whg. am Ignaz-Rieder-Kai, SW-Ausrichtung, ...

Geschäftslokal Anif-Niederalm

Top-Frequenz-Standort Anif-Süd, Verkaufskläche, 440 qm, Parkplätze, ...

Geschäftslokal Anif-Niederalm

Top-Frequenz-Standort Anif-Süd, Showroom, 242 qm, Parkplätze, HWB 125/fGEE ...

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